Tea Market in Kuwait

Kuwait has one of the smallest populations in the world, but is one of the largest consumers of tea in the world. Jordan imports over 2,500,000 Kg of Ceylon Tea in 2019. Majority of consumers prefer to drink Ceylon Black Tea, however there has been some interest in Green Tea, Fruit Tea, and Herbal Tea.

Market Size and Growth

Kuwait is one of the largest consumers of tea in world, compared to the size of its population, from Sri Lanka almost 2,500,000 Kgs of Ceylon Tea is imported. In total Kuwait imports about 6,000,000 Kgs of Tea a year. The bulk of the tea consumed in Kuwait is in Teabag format with a smaller quantity coming in loose tea cartons and boxes. Over the years Kuwait has imported upwards of 7,000,000 Kg of tea, and also works as a transhipment hub for goods in to Iraq.

Displaying the finest range of Ceylon Tea

In Kuwait tea is made either black or brewed in water blended with other spices, the most popular of which happens to be Ceylon Cinnamon, a sweet, flavourful cup of tea with plenty of body and strength.

The main grades of Ceylon Tea, in Kuwait is FNG, also known as Fannings, it is small, leafy which usually packed into double chamber teabags. Normally this comes in packs of 100 teabags per box.

Design and Packaging

Kuwait is a consumer market, one of the largest in the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) region. The most popular tea is Ceylon Black Tea, in tagged double chamber teabags and packed in packets of 100 teabags per box.

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