Tea Market in Jordan

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is home to the beautiful ruins of Petra, the lush, green Jordan Valley, and one of the largest importers of Ceylon Tea. Jordan imports over 5,000,000 Kg of Ceylon Tea in 2019. The tea market is experiencing shift in consumption habits with many young consumers expanding their tastes from Ceylon Black Tea, to Ceylon Green Tea, and Fruit and Herbal Tea’s.

Map of Jordan

Map of Jordan

Market Size and Growth

There are two markets in Jordan, the domestic market, and the re-export tea market which facilitates exports of tea from Ceylon to Iraq. In 2019 Jordan imports over 9,000,000 Kg of Tea a year from across the globe, with over 60% coming from Sri Lanka in Packets and Teabags. Since 2015 Tea imports into Jordan has increased by 10% every year, and will keep growing with changing consumption, and purchasing patterns. The development of large supermarkets and demand for new flavours, and high quality tea all point towards continued growth and requirements of tea.

Displaying the finest range of Ceylon Tea

Tea in Jordan, much like most of the Middle East is a social beverage had with family, and friends. It is brewed in large pots and shared in Istikan cups, the tea is dark red, and severed with sugar. Occasionally with mint or cardamom.

The main grades of Ceylon Tea, which are popular in Jordan, is FBOP, known as Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe, which is a medium size tea leaf, with a few golden, or silver tips. The second most popular is FNG, also known as Fannings, it is small, leafy which usually packed into teabags for a quick tea cup to go.

Design and Packaging

As Jordan is shifting towards a more consumer, brand oriented market, packaging is extremely important. The most popular types of packaging are 450 gram or 500 gram cartons of loose tea, or 100 tea bag cartons.

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