Loose Leaf Tea

Packing the best Loose Leaf Ceylon Tea in retail ready loose leaf tea packets, pouches, cartons and boxes. Packed in a variety of packaging styles and product sizes. From the 200g and 250g metallic tea tins caddies to the more ubiquitous 500g and 1 kg family pack. All our loose leaf tea is packed in using the highest quality of packaging materials and health and food safety -standards.


Tea Cartons

Selecting the finest paperboard to produce our loose leaf tea cartons which allows a good quality of print and health safety. Our main types of packaging are:

  • 100g Cartons
  • 250g Cartons
  • 400g Cartons
  • 500g Cartons
  • 1 Kg Cartons
  • Customised sizes

Tea Pouches

Packing Tea in Aluminum Foil (Alufoil) bags for quick serving and easy carrying.

Our main types of packaging are:

  • 225g Pouch
  • 500g Pouch
  • 1 Kg Pouch
  • 2 Kg Pouch
  • 2.5 Kg Pouch
  • Custom sizes

Tins & Caddies


Tea Tins and Caddies are among the most popular gift items in China, Japan, Russia and Eastern Europe. Packing with the finest Tea and exclusive designs we have a wide ranges of styles to choose from.

  • Round Tins
  • Square Tins
  • Rectangular Tins
  • Wave Style Tins
  • Customised Designs

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