Harmony Tea Fruit and Spice Flavoured Teabags

Harmony Tea, is our signature range of Green and Flavoured Teabags. Bringing a little piece of Harmony into our chaotic lives with good, soothing, light and refreshing Tea.

Conveniently packed in fast reacting teabags with two chambers to give a quick brew. Each teabag is wrapped in an envelope to seal in the freshness of the tea until it is brewed. Our flavoured teas have been infused with only natural flavours so that a sip feels like you have taken a bite of fruit.


Each Teabag is individually wrapped in a protective envelope to keep the tea fresh.

FanningsEarl Gray25 Teabags
FanningsGinger25 Teabags
FanningsLemon25 Teabags
FanningsOrange25 Teabags
FanningsPeach25 Teabags
FanningsMint25 Teabags
FanningsStrawberry25 Teabags