Green Tea

Rapidly growing in popularity across the world, Green Tea is well-known for being one of the most healthful beverages in the world.

Green Tea is made from same plant as Black Tea, but differs in one key step of the manufacturing process. After Black Tea has been rolled, it is then put into ovens for fermentation. Whereas, on the other hand, Green tea does not undergo this step in manufacturing. As a result, Green Tea has zero caffeine and retains many of the heath-giving properties inherent in tea leaves, and is great to accompany any kind of food.

Jafferjee & Sons is Sri Lankas foremost company in supplying Green Tea. Our master tea tasters have developed blends of Green Tea that are proven to have greater health benefits than our competitors blends.

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GPSP - Gunpowder Super Pekoe

GPSP - Gunpowder Tea

Made from tightly rolling fresh, young tea leaves, good quality leaves from this grade used to be known as Jade Pearls in ancient China.

With an aroma redolent of Jasmine, and brew that leaves the mouth salivating, it is one of the finest grades manufactured.

YH - Young Hyson

YH - Young Hyson

The most widely consumed grade of Green Tea, this grade is made from more mature tea leaves which are, as with the GPSP grade, tightly rolled into balls.

When brewed, the tea is golden coloured and has a pleasing flowery flavour.

GTF - Fannings

GT Fannings

Typically used for teabags, unfortunately, small leaf teas such as fannings have acquired a bad reputation. However, the truth is that sometimes, this grade can produce the finest tea.

The brew is best described as being pop-corny in aroma and flavour.