Tea Market in China

The Tea Market in China has opened up recently to imports and is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With a population of over a billion people and a fast growing middle class the demand and requirement for High Quality Ceylon Tea and Unique Blends and Flavours of Tea from traditional Loose Tea to more specialised and niche offering has grown rapidly. Making China one of the most interesting Tea markets in the world.

Map of China

Market Size & Growth

The Tea Market in China has grown exponentially in the last few years with nearly USD 105 million of Ceylon Tea imported into China from Sri Lanka. The demand for Ceylon Tea is growing rapidly as today’s consumers want to experience more than the traditional Tea’s available in China.

Traditionally China has been dominated by locally produced Green Tea and Black Tea’s with the explosion of the Chinese economy the demand for other Tea’s began to grow. Of these Tea’s Ceylon Tea, with its unique taste and premium positioning of Ceylon Tea has propelled it to become the most sought after Tea in China. With the imports growing at almost 200% from 2011 up to 2015 and continuing to make inroads as consumers become more aware of Ceylon Tea and more health conscious.

Displaying the finest range of Premium Ceylon Tea

Finding the right Tea leaf for the Chinese market has been a challenge for Ceylon Tea as most Ceylon Tea is very astringent and full bodied, unlike Chinese Tea which is lighter in taste and colour. We have spent years researching and testing the market to develop the perfect Tea, we have selected two types which meet the right leaf appearance, colour when brewed and most importantly flavour for the Chinese Market.

Standard 860

Standard 867

Design and Packaging

The Design and Packaging of the container is almost as significant as the quality of the Ceylon Tea. As Tea isn’t just a casual beverage, rather it is an experience, and an event the Design and Packaging play a vital role. Metallic tins, high quality printed boxes and other unique designs and packaging are essential.

Harmony Tins

Golden Brew

Harmony Flavoured Tea

How We Can Help

If you are interested in importing Ceylon Tea or information about Ceylon Tea send us an email and we’ll get back to you soon. By getting in touch with us we assure you that you’ll be able to make the right decision, be informed so that you can introduce the right product for your market.

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