What makes Ceylon Tea unique?

Sri Lanka is blessed with rich soil, mountainous regions with their own unique micro climates and two monsoons, which the Southern part of Sri Lanka from May until August and the Northern monsoon which is enjoyed from October until January, giving Sri Lanka the ideal conditions to grow fine tea.

Tea is an integral part of Sri Lanka’s environmental ecosystem and for the last forty years steps have been taken to reduce our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint to be a truly green tea. All Tea grown in Sri Lanka is Ozone Friendly Certified, meaning that it has a zero carbon footprint and contains no ozone depleting substance and the use of pesticides and fertilizer is strictly monitored so that no harmful chemicals come in to contact with the tea.


Grown on the western slopes of Sri Lanka, between 3500 feet and 5000 feet Dimbula has the unique distinction of being in a category of its own. When brewed Dimbula tea give a refreshing aroma and golden orange colour, with a bright strong taste, notes of jasmine and sweet spices. It is an excellent morning tea, with a hint of lime or milk.


Kandy is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, a vibrant city noted for its rich heritage and history. It was the city of the last Sri Lankan King and where the first Tea was planted. It is a mid elevation Tea, grown between 2000 feet and 3500 feet in the heartland of Sri Lanka, Kandy enjoys both Southern and Northern Monsoon, which gives the tea its strong flavorful taste, and pleasant mouth feel.


Ruhunu and Sabaragamuwa region, is situated at the Southern part of Sri Lanka, in warm climate and low altitude from sea level up to two thousand feet to promote long tea leaves, perfect for withering. The tea has a strong taste which starts a little bitter and ends with a sweet after taste, it has dark rich colour and fresh earthy aroma.

Nuwara Eliya

The highest grown Tea from Sri Lanka, starting at an impressive 6000 feet, Nuwara Eliya was called Little England by the British Planters for its picturesque views and Victorian architecture. The Tea cultivated on its slope are a class of their own. They have delicate fragrance, pale colour a light, fruity taste with hint of citrus for a fresh, bright cup of tea.


Arguably the most famous of Sri Lanka’s tea regions is Uva, cultivated on the eastern mountain slopes of Sri Lanka, the Uva tea’s were the prize of the British Planters and favourite of tea connoisseurs the world over. Grown in a mid-high elevation between, 3500 feet and 5000 feet, these Tea’s have a taste on to itself. The colour is a bright yellow-orange and has a brisk taste, with a fruity note and soft, sweet after taste. Uva region has also the distinction of being the first Tea sent from Sri Lanka to the United States of America.