Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Tea is synonymous with the phrase finest black tea in the world. Indeed, Sri Lankas foremost claim to fame is the unparalleled quality of its Black Tea.

Sri Lanka still produces tea by the traditional rotorvane method that preserves the whole leaf, rather than grinding the leaf into dusty particles. This manufacturing process results in the emergence of different grades of tea, each of which has its own unique flavour, aroma and body.

Jafferjee & Sons has more than 35 years of experience in tasting and evaluating Ceylon Tea. We pride ourselves on painstakingly selecting only the finest quality tea for valued clients worldwide.

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Pure Ceylon Tea


OP - Orange Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Tea Grade - Orange Pekoe

The main grade of Black Tea produced in Ceylon, these teas are well suited for consumption using a Samovar. As a result, this grade is widely consumed in all countries that brew tea in such a way.

This grade gives a brew that is deep, rich red in color and has bold flavours.

OP1 - Orange Pekoe 1

Ceylon Tea Grade - Young Hyson

Long and wiry, this grade is produced from tender tea leave buds which have been gently rolled.

When brewed, this tea is golden-red in colour and has a delightful sweet and flowery aroma.

FBOP - Fully Broken OP

Ceylon Tea Grade - Fully Broken Orange Pekoe

Flecked with gold and silver coloured tips, good quality FBOPs are amongst the most expensive teas in the world.

This grade results in a golden brew that has a sweet, flowery aroma.

Pekoe - Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Tea Grade - Pekoe Tea

Whole tea leaves that have been tightly rolled into balls make this grade.

The brew is thick, ruby red in colour and has a pungent aroma.

Super Pekoe - Super Pekoe 1

Ceylon Tea Grade - Super Pekoe

A slightly smaller version of the Pekoe grade. This tea is produced from young, tender tea leaves as opposed to mature leaves.

It produces a intensely aromatic and flavorful brew, ideal for afternoon tea.

BOP - Broken Orange Pekoe

Ceylon Tea Grade - Broken Orange Pekoe

One of the smallest leaf grades, BOPs, during the Uva season, are the most flavourful and highly sought after of any grade.

This tea produces a brew that is rich, thick, and goes perfectly with a drop of milk.