Bulk Tea in Wholesale Packaging

At Jafferjee & Sons we offer wholesale Bulk Tea to our wholesale and private label customers in a variety of packaging options and quantities.

We have a dedicated unit to produce and package Bulk Tea in 5 Kg up to 50 Kg in Boxes and Kraft Paper Bags.

We have over 30 years in experience producing and packaging high-quality tea for clients across the globe.

Packaging Options

Our most popular types of bulk tea wholesale packaging is corrugated boxes and multi-walled paper sacks in accordance with food safety regulations around the world.

Corrugated Boxes

We offer standard brown liner, white liner and fully printed corrugated boxes in 3 Ply, 5 Ply, 7 Ply options with various thicknesses ranging from B-Flute to E-Flute to protect the delicate tea leaves and prevent them from getting crushed during stacking and transport.

Paper Sacks

We use food safe patented Safe-T sacks in 3 Ply, 4 Ply and 5 Ply paper with an inner foil lining to seal in freshness.

Interested in Bulk Tea?

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