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From Ceylon black tea to artisan herbal teas, we can offer you whatever tea you need direct from source in a variety of packaging options from bulk to teabags. Explore more below.

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We are your private label tea solution. Learn more about the types of teas and packaging we offer.

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The world of Tea is vast. Fortunately, we have quite a bit of expertise in it.

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With over 35 years of experience in the tea industry, and cumulatively more than 200 years of tea tasting knowledge, were proud of our story.

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Reports on Tea, Packaging and the Industry in Countries around the world.


Turkey is one of the largest importers of Ceylon Tea, briefly eclipsing Russia to become the largest importer of Ceylon Tea.


One of the fastest growing markets of Ceylon Tea in the world. China has become a key importer in a short period of time.

Private Label Tea

Private Label Tea Suppliers

Jafferjee & Sons is a leading producer and global marketer of sustainable, environmentally friendly Ceylon Tea. Our brands are available in leading supermarkets, artisan and specialty boutiques, online storefronts and hotels and restaurants in over 35+ countries across the world.

For almost a Century we have been carefully selecting and blending the highest quality of Tea from Sri Lanka, the home of Pure Ceylon Tea. Taking great care in selecting only the finest tea leaves that steep to give a rich colour and great taste.

Our brands are available in leading supermarkets, artisan and specialty boutiques, online storefronts and hotels and restaurants across the world.

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Our Teas are crafted to suit a myriad of different palettes. From the malty strength in fannings tea to the delicate brews of long leaf Orange Pekoes.

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Over the last 20 years, we mastered the art of tea production, tasting, and packaging. Our handmade quality process ensures you get only the finest tea.

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We have worked hard to become a one-stop shop for all your requirements of Teabags, Retail or Wholesale Packets and Bulk Tea.

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